ANKARA (Reuters) – Istanbul's chief prosecutor has filed warrants with the arrest of an top aide to Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler along with the deputy head of that foreign intelligence on suspicion of planning the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, two Turkish officials said on Wednesday.

The prosecutor's office has concluded there’s "strong suspicion" that Saud al-Qahtani and General Ahmed al-Asiri, both taken from their positions in October, were one of the planners of Khashoggi's Oct. 2 killing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the officials said.

The move comes every day after senior U.S. senators said these people were more likely than previously that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was accountable for the killing, citing a CIA briefing. The N’t human rights chief on Wednesday requested an international investigation.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has pushed to hold international attention to the murder – the transaction which is why he says originated from the highest amounts of the Saudi government – whilst U.S. President Donald Trump reports Washington probably should not to become self-sufficient that might undermine its relationship using the kingdom.

"The prosecution's go on to issue arrest warrants for Asiri and Qahtani reflects the scene that this Saudi authorities won't take formal action against the individuals," among the many Turkish officials said.

"The international community usually doubt Saudi Arabia's persistence for prosecute this heinous crime. By extraditing all suspects to Turkey, where Jamal Khashoggi was killed and dismembered, the Saudi authorities could address those concerns," the state said.

Erdogan says an order for Khashoggi's killing probably wouldn’t result from King Salman, putting the spotlight instead on Salman's heir and de facto ruler Prince Mohammed.

Saudi Arabia has said the prince had no knowledge with the murder. After offering numerous contradictory explanations, Riyadh later said Khashoggi has been killed along with his body dismembered when negotiations to steer him to go back to Saudi Arabia failed.


Making a selection of their strongest accusations at this point, both Republicans and Democrats said they will pass legislation to give a communication to Saudi Arabia that this America condemns the death of Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist.

"You need to be willfully blind don’t arrive at in conclusion this was orchestrated and organized by people within the command of MbS," Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters following your finding Central Intelligence Agency Director Gina Haspel, making reference to the crown prince by his initials.

Graham, who have become among the list of president's most vocal allies, said there might stop being a "smoking gun," but there was a "smoking saw," a relationship with a bone saw that investigators said was applied to remove up Khashoggi's body.

Trump but some of his fellow Republicans have argued that Washington probably should not make a change which would risk its relationship with Riyadh, that is known as a very important counterweight to Iran in between East.

Erdogan claims that solving the Khashoggi killing would be while in the interest on the Saudi monarchy.

The America recently imposed economic sanctions on 17 Saudi officials regarding their role inside the killing. The type of sanctioned were Qahtani, who was simply formerly a top aide on the crown prince.

Qahtani had attempted to lure Khashoggi back in Saudi Arabia after he chosen Washington last year fearing reprisals for his views, in line with people next to the journalist and also the government.

But Asiri, the first kind deputy head of foreign intelligence, hasn’t been on the sanctions list. Saudi Arabia's public prosecutor says Asiri was the one who ordered the operation to repatriate – however, not kill – Khashoggi.