WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Mr . trump will meet together with his top trade advisers on Thursday to figure out getting in touch with activate threatened tariffs on billions of dollars in Chinese goods, a senior Trump administration official said.

Trump can be due to unveil revisions to his initial tariff list targeting $50 billion of Chinese goods on Friday. People experienced with the revisions said that their list are going to be slightly smaller in comparison to the original, with a bit of goods deleted while others added, specially in the technology sector.

Another administration official asserted a draft document showed that the new list would nevertheless be near to $50 billion, approximately 1,300 product categories, but each amount of money and amount of products continued to be be subject to change.

It remains unclear when Trump would activate the tariffs if he decides to take some action. Several industry lobbyists told Reuters they expect the shift to come as early as Friday, with publication of a Federal Register notice, or it might be defer until in the future.

Under the 1974 trade law that Trump invoked to pursue a tariff investigation into China's intellectual property practices, he could delay the activation by 30 days. The guy can also delay the tariffs by another 180 days when the U.S. Trade Representative's office finds that negotiations with China are yielding progress.

"The president's trade team has recommended tariffs. In case there are not tariffs, it’ll be for the reason that president has decided that he's not wanting to implement tariffs," an individual aware of the administration's deliberations told Reuters.

But that recommendation came before Trump's trip late a while back to Canada with the G7 leaders summit and Singapore to your nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump came to Washington early on Wednesday morning.

Trump told Fox News inside an interview aired on Wednesday he was "very strongly clamping regarding trade" with China.

Asked how strong, Trump said: "Well, There’s no doubt that very strongly. I am talking about you will see above the next fortnight. They understand everything we accomplish."

Trump failed to specifically mention the tariffs and added they has "a really good relationship with President Xi (Jinping) of China."

The move toward activating U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods follows negotiations between U.S. and Chinese officials concentrated on increased purchases by Beijing of American farm and commodities and cutting the U.S. trade deficit with China.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross earlier this month met with Chinese officials in Beijing and cut back a Chinese proposal to obtain around $70 billion amount of additional commodities and manufactured goods. But that offer will never be accepted by Trump, people aware of the issue said.

The administration's trade hawks, including U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and White House trade and manufacturing adviser Peter Navarro, have been pushing for your tougher method of the negotiations to battle U.S. allegations that China has misappropriated American intellectual property through partnership requirements, state-backed acquisitions of U.S. technology firms and outright theft.