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How Accidental Selling Steals Your Income

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April 20, 2018


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How Accidental Selling Steals Your Income

No consistent sales pipeline

Salespeople work in waves. They get a kick in the butt from something (debt, stress, spouse, new car, etc) and work really hard for short period. Then after some success, they slow or stop and the pipeline dries up. When the flow slows to a trickle, they are spurred to action again. This is reactionary behavior. They work only when needed. The financial impact of this behavior is drastic. In many sales positions, money follows work by 60 to 90 days. Your income today is a direct result of your effort two to three months ago. If you have a hemorrhaging pipeline, your income will be an unstable mess also.

Pushing out Prospect contact

Have you ever not called a prospect you should have? You were too busy so you bumped them out a few days…and then a few more days…and pretty soon you know you can’t call them anymore. The lead is cold. Continually pushing contacts out bottlenecks your sales pipeline. Leads are rarely in short supply. There are plenty of people out there who need your product or service. If not, then you’re in the wrong business! You’ll fail when you don’t take care of the leads and clients you already have.

Doing what feels good

Salespeople are notorious for living in the moment. In fact, we get a bad rap for being slackers. So what? So we prefer fun over work. That’s why we’re in sales! But this attitude can be lethal. It is a major cause of unstable income. Have you ever rolled out of bed (or stayed in it) and thought, “I’ve already hit my goals this month, I’m sleeping in?” Or maybe justified a trip to the beach since you don’t feel like making phone calls?

Everyone in sales has. Bummer is that every day off is lost income. You may not feel the effect right away but in a couple months business slows down. You may blame it on the economy or the season. I don’t buy it. The greatest indicator of your future income, success, and stability is your time usage two to three months ago. It’s a tough balance because it’s sometimes hard to correlate the activity today to the income you earn down the road. So “now” loses.

You worked hard yesterday. You had five good sales this week already. Time to relax… This attitude and behavior results in a dramatic roller coaster income. It’s like a wave running your life. You only work when you feel like it. Or when you desperately need it. Or when leads and clients come to you. Maybe you like the “rush” of having feast or famine months (like the girl who stays with an abusive husband). I don’t.

By the way, if you’re a guy, one of the best ways to insure a great life is to make sure your wife is happy. This unpredictable income lifestyle is one of the best ways to do the opposite.

Take Away Points

Be consistent and on purpose every day
Work the same whether rich or broke
Don’t be lazy

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