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Understanding Currency Option Trading

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June 24, 2017


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Understanding Currency Option Trading

In the world of options trading there are a wide variety of possible underlying assets that the option can have. In many cases it is stock, but it can also be other assets. In the case of currency option trading, the underlying asset that an option is being purchased for is, as the name suggests, currency. Why would someone buy the option to buy money? Well, there are some very good reasons.

One of the biggest reasons to engage in currency option trading is the fact that the value of various world currencies changes all the time. The amount of money you can get in one country’s currency in exchange for your own currency differs based on the current world financial situation. If you were to purchase some money from another country and the value of that money went up, you could then exchange the money you have for more than it cost you in the first place.

Currency option trading allows investors to speculate on what might happen to the currency of another country in a given time period. Let’s say there is an election coming up in another nation. The currency in that nation is currently low, but if the right person wins that election, it could cause confidence to rise in that nation’s economy, sending the value of their money higher.

As with other options, currency option trading allows an investor to purchase the right to buy currency at a set strike price at any time during the period that the option is open. Should the value of that currency rise, the investor can then make a profit. If it doesn’t rise as anticipated – perhaps someone else won the election – the investor can let that option expire and lose only the cost of the investment. Again, as with regular options, currency option trading also allows for the opposite type of transaction, where the investor purchases the right to sell the currency at the set strike price rather than buy.

Currency option trading requires a good grasp of world finance and also the economic climate in the nation whose currency you are purchasing on option for. Predicting what will happen with any type of currency is complicated, much as with other options predictions. There is potential for profit with currency option trading just as there is risk, which is true of any options trading no matter what the underlying asset.

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