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Fixed Blade Knives

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June 23, 2017


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Fixed Blade Knives

When shopping for knives, there are generally two different types to choose from. The kind you select should be based upon your individual needs. There are fixed blade knives, and then there are folding knives. It has become common practice for different brands of knives to take on the name of the person or company that created them. The “bowie knife,” for example, was created by Jim Bowie, a man affiliated with the Alamo. The name does little to describe the knife itself, but is often associated with what the tool is used for.

Folding knives offer a way to easily transport the tool. You can fold the blade into a protective casing so that it can be carried in your pocket with no risk of harming you or your clothing. They are also known as “pocket knives.” Most are legal to have on your person, so long as the blade is not too large. Two inches is a proper size for these knives. They offer more convenience than the fixed blade knives since they can be easily transported until they are needed. They have a safety lock that is required to be pressed before the blade will close within the knife handle.

These knives tend to be less strong than fixed blade knives. They are much lighter than other form, which makes them so easy to carry around in your pocket. They are typically designed for use while hunting, camping, or fishing. Folding knives that offer a spring mechanism to unveil the knife is known as a “switchblade.” These are handy because they are easy to open with one hand. The blade on these is typically longer than the standard two inches, which may make them illegal to carry.

Fixed blade knives are just that, fixed. They do not offer a way to close the knife within itself. Instead, these come with a case that the blade fits down into. Some cases offer a loop on the back so that it can be worn on your belt. These knives are typically used for hunting, and are better at cutting animals once they have been killed while still in the woods. They can also be used to gather pieces of wood from trees in order to make a fire.

The handles of fixed blade knives used for hunting can come in a number of intricate designs. Some are worth a great deal of money just for the intricate design the handle offers. The handle can be crafted from a number of various materials, including bone, rubber, wood, and other substances. With no moving parts, you will have less worry about the different pieces of the knife malfunctioning or otherwise not properly working.

Other fixed blade knives can be used for various reasons. One such is self-defense. These are typically similar to hunting knives, but they may be more durable than most. They are a tool that can be used to save yourself if you get stuck in a life altering situation, such as being lost in the woods. They can be used to cut firewood, break the glass of a vehicle, and to spear fish from a river. Fixed blade knives come in a number of different sizes, many of which are not acceptable to carry with you on a daily basis. A machete, for example, is a tactical knife with a large blade for clearing brush and other materials out of your way. They could also be used as weapons, though that is not the main intention of these tools.

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